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Welcome to world news, the Bilderberg Group,Council on foreign relations, David Rockefeller just to name a few. The people here controls the government, Obama included because they are a group of wealth old men that has been operation in secret to form a one world government controlled by them. The control the wealth of the world. They tell the Federal Reserve what to do like giving trillions to bail out foreign banks and countries while America is crippled by a bad economy created by them to transfer the wealth of America to foreign banks. Wake up before it is to late and your freedom will be gone. You can watch your members of congress and call and email them to stop Obama. more »

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Rothschilds world supreme court

The Rothschilds built a world supreme court preparing for the one world order Bush ,Clinton and Obama talked about often! You may say this could not happen, I used to think the same thing until I watched Obama and Hillery Clinton sign American on to give… more »